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The school caters for children aged from 4+ to 11+ living in the villages of East Rudham, West Rudham and Tattersett. If numbers allow, children from other districts may be admitted at the discretion of the Governing Body, in accordance with County Guidelines.

The school abides by the Admission Policy of DNEAT ~

By law children must start statutory education full time at the beginning of the term following their fifth birthday. Where admission is offered prior to compulsory school age, parents may defer their child’s entry into school until later that academic year.

Norfolk Pupil Admissions Policy Rudham

Applications for First Admissions have to be made to the Local Education Authority at County Hall by the date specified in the application pack available from any playgroup/nursery, school or direct from County Hall. We will invite the new entrants to attend school for three morning sessions late in the Summer term. There will also be a New Parents Induction Evening.

The local Pre School, Little Owls, meet in the School House adjacent to the school and we can put you in contact with these groups. Staff members liaise with Little Owls Preschool to ensure a happy and smooth transition into the Reception class.

Please contact us for further details or if you have any questions regarding our admissions policy.