Ethos & Values

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School Vision:

We have revisited our Academy Vision in light of the new academic year and also the changes to the SIAMS Framework Sept 2018.

Our vision comes from the Bible passage: ‘The Seed is the Word of God’. Luke 8:11

‘Enabling children to flourish through the field of life’

Everyone at Rudham Church of England Primary Academy is given the opportunity to achieve and celebrate personal success whilst taking pride in being part of our Church School Family through the values and experiences offered.

We aspire to sow the

seeds to allow children to flourish through the field of life and create

generous, spirited, life long learners’.

Dignity – God recognises the value of everyone.

Community – God understands that we need

generosity of spirit and respect, to enable each other to flourish within the world.

Hope – God recognises that EVERYONE can make a

positive contribution and aspire to reach their full potential.

Wisdom – We are sowing the seeds for life-long

learners, we help the children flourish through the field of life.

Come and join us in our school journey!

Federation of Rudham & Weasenham Church of England Primary Academys