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Homework is set for children in Year 1 and above and varies from class to class.  Homework is an extremely effective method of supporting a child’s learning in particular areas such as reading, spelling and mental maths which provide a significant benefit for classroom based learning.

Reading Foundation Stage and KS1

Our policy is to send home:

  1. Books to share
  2. Books with pictures in which the story can be retold by the child
  3. Books with early vocabulary/words that can be blended from phonemes
  4. Graded reading books to allow your child to progress at their own pace.

Along with the child’s reading books is a Reading Record. Being a successful reader is the key to accessing all areas of the curriculum and it is important that you make a note in this book whenever you hear your child read. It is not simply used to keep a record of the books read but also gives you the chance to comment when you hear your child read (please see the Guidance at the end of this policy). If you have any particular concerns, you may arrange to see the class teacher at a mutually convenient time.

Reading KS2

The children will continue to bring reading books home daily including both their Reading books and Library books which will also come home to be shared with you. Please encourage your children to remember their books. Children in the younger years of this stage and those who need greater help due to difficulties with reading will still need to read aloud regularly to an adult for practice and to boost self -confidence. You can further encourage your child by sharing the reading with them or by reading to them. This will help to develop fluency and expression.

Older children or more fluent readers may tell you about what they are reading, rather than reading aloud. Please continue to record your comments in the Reading Record in the same way as before. Older children will also be expected to make their own entries and parents/carers are encouraged to ask their children comprehension questions to check their understanding of the texts read. Examples of questions are made available to parents/carers.

Other Homework in addition to reading

Key Stage 1 (Barn Owl Class)

Year 2 will have Maths homework once each week, beginning with mental activities and several days will be allowed for completion of this work.

Key Stage 2 (Snowy & Eagle Owl Classes)

The children in Years 3-6 also bring home Maths and English homework usually on a Monday and Wednesday respectively, with two or more days to complete their work. Each piece of work may take between half an hour and 45 minutes to do. Your child may be keeping a spelling log of words that they have spelt incorrectly and would benefit from your help in learning these, although some time will be given in school for this. Children will receive feedback on their work with time given to individuals if required.

Children in Year 6 will also have additional homework in preparation for SATs from the beginning of the Spring Term, during the Easter holiday and the first part of the Summer Term. During this period Year 6 will be set either Literacy or Maths homework but not both.