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This section of our website presents important information relating to the school and we encourage you to read through the information contained in these pages. You can access the information by clicking on the menu on the right of this page or by selecting from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

We regard parents & carers of our pupils very much as an integral part of the school community as partners in your child’s learning. Whilst your child is in the Reception class, we encourage parents & carers to contribute as much as possible to their child’s Learning Journey by adding descriptions and photos of significant events and activities the children have been involved in outside of school. These experiences also contribute strongly to a child’s education. Children in Reception class are also provided with a “Talking Book” which allows a valuable and efficient method of documenting a child’s reading activity both at school and at home and also as a means of communication between teachers and parents & carers. From Year 1, we provide each child with a reading record which we encourage parents & carers to write in each time they hear their child read as a valuable way of sharing information about children’s responses to their books.

In the Autumn and Spring terms (and the Summer Term for parents of children in Reception) we provide parent’s consultation meetings to discuss children’s progress. We also provide an annual written report in the summer term containing details of any end of Key Stage assessments or Key Stage Two assessments.

Teachers will also have informal contact with parents and carers, or arrange meetings as necessary. Parents and others are welcome to attend lessons and view the work of the school at any time, subject to a few days notice; to ensure that the children are not undertaking any assessments or tests. It is also possible to request meetings at other points of the year as sometimes there are queries or concerns and we ask that you see the class teacher in the first instance to help alleviate any worries. We are more than happy to speak to parents & carers about any concerns they have no matter how big or small the issue may seem. Teachers are very busy preparing for the day in the morning prior to the first bell, so we would ask, unless it is urgent, that you make an appointment for after school.






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